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Twist Aero is proud to offer a complete line of aviation hoses and accessories to support our Boom-Air Hose Management System and our PCA Products. Using state-of-the art sewing machines coupled with our fabrication expertise, we can offer the highest quality Pre Conditioned Air Hoses.

Twist Aero also designs and manufactures a line of traditional PCA hose management products. This includes PCA Hose Baskets, PCA Hose Reels and PCA Hose MD 80 Extensions. Our products are all manufactured utilizing heavy gauge steel or aluminum with a dual powder coat finish in safety yellow.

All of the Twist Aero hoses are designed and manufactured in our Jamestown, Ohio facility. Hoses are available in many different configurations and can also be customized.


Hose Specifications: Outside Material: 6.5 oz. Synthetic fiber made for high endurance in outdoor applications. High UV stability along with water and mildew resistance.

Inside Liner: Light weight woven nylon with urethane laminate. High UV stability along with water and mildew resistance.

Insulation: Polypropylene fabric with single sided, radiant heat barrier film. Mold, bacteria and fungi resistant.

Stitching: Bonded nylon specifically designed to withstand severe environments. High UV stability along with water and mildew resistance.

Spiral Wound: Spiral wound construction allows for wire reinforcement and scuff strip to be integrated onto the hose. The hose is spirally sewn, lightweight and designed for maximum abrasion resistance.

Scuff Strip: PVC blend, dual extrusion material that offers improved rigidity and wear for Boom-Air application. Gate hoses utilize single extrusion.

  • 14” X 20’ or 25’ Starter Hose (with wire)
  • 14” X 20’ or 25’ Lay flat Sections
  • 14” X 8” Reducer
  • 10” X 25’ Bridge Cool
  • 100’ + 35’ Boom Air Hose
  • 135’ Boom Air Hose
  • Plain
  • Hook Velcro and Loop
  • Velcro and Zipper Combination
  • 4”
  • 8”
  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 14”
  • 18”
  • 20’
  • 25’
  • 35’
  • 100’
  • 135’
  • Single
  • Dual
  • MD80 Extensions